• My work is supported by NSF grants DMS 1358648 (1200898, 2012-2016) and DMS 1600782 (2016-2019).

  • Before coming to OSU I was trained at UPenn ('10-'12) as a postdoc. I also spent some time at Yale (as a research associate, '12-'13) and at IAS (as a von Neumann fellow, '15-'16).

  • I finished my Ph.D. at Rutgers in 2010 under the guidance by prof. Van Vu.

    Anti-concentration of random walks

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    Universality phenomenon in random matrices and random polynomials

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    Random eigenfunctions on flat tori: universality for the number of intersections (with Mei-Chu Chang, Oanh Nguyen, and Van Vu, preprint).
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    Eigenvectors of random matrices of symmetric entry distributions (with Sean Meehan, preprint).
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    Structure in large sumset and applications

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