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My research focuses on the interplay between geometry, topology, and group theory, particularly in the presence of non-positive curvature. Here's a link to a pretty nifty Keyword cloud generated by Scimeter from my papers on arXiv. The picture indicates frequent words appearing in my papers, and gives a pretty good idea of the various mathematics topics I like to think about. Here are all of my completed projects (in reverse chronological order). The work done here is partly supported by the National Science Foundation under grants DMS-0606002 (2006-2009), DMS-0906483 (2009-2012), DMS-1207782 (2012-2015), DMS-1510640 (2015-2018), DMS-1812028 (2018-2021), DMS-2109683 (2021-2024) and by an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (2008-2012).

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If you find yourself enjoying this sort of math, you might be interested in having a look at the work of some of my collaborators: G. Arzhantseva, M. Bucher, C. Connell, D. Constantine, M. Davis, F.T. Farrell, D. Fisher, J. Fowler, S. Francaviglia, R. Frigerio, A. Gogolev, D. Groves, T. Januszkiewicz, Kyle Joecken, D. Juan-Pineda, A. Kar, R. Kowalick, B. Magurn, J. Manning, D.B. McReynolds, S. Millan-Vossler, N. Miller, A. Minasyan, B. Minemyer, C. Neofytidis. I. Ortiz, S. Pallekonda, Ch. Pittet, E. Prassidis, A. Rahm, R. Roy, L. Ruffoni, R. Sánchez-García, L. J. Sánchez Saldaña, B. Schmidt, A. Sisto, G. Sorcar, M. Stover, D. Thompson, B. Tshishiku, W. van Limbeek, Kun Wang, Shi Wang, and Fangyang Zheng.

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These papers are complete, but are currently being revised in order to improve the results they contain. Be aware that the results in these papers, while correct, are definitely not optimal. I also include [in brackets] the improvements I believe can be done on the existing results (and which are currently being worked on).

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The following projects are in various stages of typing. Preprints will be available as soon as they get completed. The descriptions below reflect, to the best of my knowledge, the results that will be appearing in the completed papers. Where possible, I state [in brackets] the work that still remains to be done on the various projects. The projects are organized roughly according to proximity to completion (closest to finished are at the top of the list).